Dear Peachie Makeup Quiz

Dear Peachie Makeup Quiz

Welcome to the Dear Peachie Makeup Quiz, where you may identify your ideal cosmetics archetype and receive personalized, face-shaped makeup recommendations. In this essay, we’ll examine the Dear Peachie Makeup Quiz’s definition, operation, and available makeup archetypes. By the end, you’ll know more about how to highlight your natural beauty with cosmetics that accentuate your traits.

What Is the Dear Peachie Makeup Quiz?

According to your face shape and visual weight, the Dear Peachie Makeup Quiz can help you discover your makeup archetype. This quiz, developed by Dear Peachie, a well-known YouTuber known for her makeup tutorials, offers tailored advice on how to improve your appearance and draw attention to your best characteristics. The Dear Peachie Cosmetics Quiz may help you determine the ideal cosmetics look for you, regardless of whether you have a round face, square features, or something in between.

What's the Process of the Test?

The quiz examines your facial characteristics and visual weight to determine your Dear Peachie cosmetics archetype. The quiz can accurately select the most flattering makeup looks for you by taking into account the angles of your features, the proportions of your facial characteristics, and the shape of your face. Your face shape, jawline, lower face length, roundness of your features, eye form, lid type, nose shape, brow shape, lip shape, eye size, and nose height are among the criteria it considers.

Discovering Your Dear Peachie Makeup Archetype

Eight distinct cosmetics archetypes, each suited to various facial traits and fashions, are introduced in the Dear Peachie Makeup Quiz. You can determine which archetype most closely resembles you by responding to a series of questions about your face shape, physical characteristics, and fashion preferences. Let’s investigate each archetype in more depth:


For people with soft, rounded looks like these, the Ingenue archetype is ideal. It epitomizes innocence, sweetness, and beauty. The Ingenue archetype can be the ideal choice for you if you have a round face and enjoy energetic, cute, sweet, and cool makeup looks.


The Elegant archetype stands for calm, delicacy, and grace. It fits people who exude serenity and refinement. The Elegant archetype can be right for you if you have a soft, rounded jawline and appreciate cosmetics that look like Rich Girl and Korean Ladylike.


The feminine qualities of the Romantic archetype are highlighted, and it oozes sensuality, gentleness, and enticing beauty. The Romantic archetype can be your ideal match if you have soft, rounded facial features and are inclined to flirty, adorable, and nostalgic Hong Kong girl makeup techniques.


Among the Dear Peachie Makeup Quiz, the Natural archetype is the most well-liked. It stands for informality, effortless beauty, amiability, and friendliness. The Natural archetype can be most flattering for you if you have a balanced face with features that are neither too rounded nor too pointed and prefer soft, ladylike, or Mori Kei-style makeup.


The Classic makeup archetype represents formality and conservatism. It stands for sophisticated beauty and feminine assurance. The Classic archetype may be the best fit for you if you favor makeup looks like the cool minimalism look and the no eyeshadow makeup look and have features that are not too rounded or pointed.


Few people fit the Dramatic archetype since it is special and uncommon. It stands for grace, power, opulence, and charisma. The Dramatic archetype might be the best suit for you if you have angular, sharp facial features and a penchant for dramatic makeup looks like Thai and Fiery Mean.


The Modern archetype is all about perfection, audacity, and self-assurance. It goes well with colorful and eye-catching makeup looks including smokey eyes, cut crease eyes, and siren makeup. The Modern archetype can be your best option if you love strong, contemporary looks.


The Gamine archetype depicts a new-age, brave beauty with a dash of masculinity. It is appropriate for people who enjoy a tomboyish look. The Gamine archetype can be the best fit for you if you have a young, slightly manly beauty and are inclined to cosmetics look like airy boyish, and soft grunge looks.

Discover Your Dear Peachie Makeup Archetype by Taking the Quiz

Are you prepared to discover which Dear Peachie makeup archetype best fits you? Take the questionnaire to learn more about your characteristics, facial shape, and preferred styles. Your answers will be carefully analyzed by the quiz to discover your makeup archetype. It’s a quick, cost-free, and enjoyable method to experiment with various makeup looks that accentuate your inherent beauty.


Anyone wishing to use makeup to enhance their appearance should check out the Dear Peachie Makeup Quiz. This quiz can provide you with personalized advice on the cosmetic archetypes that suit you the most based on an assessment of your face shape, features, and aesthetic preferences. Whatever archetype you identify with, Ingenue, Elegant, Romantic, Natural, Classic, Dramatic, Modern, or Gamine, there is a cosmetic look that may bring out your beauty. Take the test to find out more about yourself as you explore the realm of cosmetic archetypes.

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