Kitchener Essence Quiz

Kitchener Essence Quiz

What is Kitchener Essence Quiz?

A style analyzer called the Kitchener Essence Quiz was developed as a result of John Kitchener’s Essence Theory. Based on Kibbe’s styles, renowned color and style consultant Kitchener created this idea. The seven archetypes or Essences that make up an individual’s style, according to the Essence Theory, are Dramatic, Gamine, Natural, Romantic, Ingenue, Angelic, and Classic.

You can find out which archetype most accurately describes your particular style by taking the Kitchener Essence Quiz. For accurate answers, the quiz analyses your personality, body, and facial features. With these outcomes, you’ll get expert advice on how to tailor your wardrobe to fit your Essence.

The 7 Essences of Kitchener

The seven archetypes or Essences that John Kitchener proposed serve as the foundation for the Kitchener Essence Quiz. Let’s examine each of these Essences to learn more about them:


Individuals who fit the Dramatic archetype are audacious, self-reliant, and confident. It exudes a strong presence and represents the dominant feminine energy.


The Gamine Essence is playful and disobedient. It blends tomboyish vigor with a wish to rule.


The Natural archetype is easygoing, sociable, and informal. Those who possess this Essence love empathetic attire.


The Romantic Essence is sensual, and appealing, and embodies sexual tension.


The Ingenue Essence is a representation of young, innocent souls.

Ethereal (Anglic)

The Angelic archetype, often referred to as Ethereal, stands for mythological, celestial, and exceptional beauty.

The Classic

The Yin and Yang are perfectly balanced in the Classic Essence. Its conservative and traditional style stands for elegance, charm, and maturity.

Understanding the Essence of Your Style

Your archetype determines your stylistic essence. It affects what clothes and colors look best on you. You can enhance your natural beauty and develop a consistent and real sense of style by embracing your style Essence.

Understanding the Face Essence

The Kitchener Essence Quiz indirectly reveals your face form while largely focusing on style. Each essence makes a certain facial feature suggestion, giving you information about your own face essence.

Investigating the Core of Your Personality

John Kitchener asserts that the Essence is anchored in both personality and fashion. To provide accurate findings, the Kitchener Essence Test determines the personality type of each participant. Your comprehension of your distinctive style is further improved by your personality essence.

Using Your Essence to the Fullest in Fashion

John Kitchener proposes combining several facets of your style with your Essence. He advises assigning a portion of your Essence to your clothing, accessories, or even your complete ensemble. You can maximize your beauty and make a fashion statement that genuinely embodies your Essence by combining many archetypes into one customized style.

The Kitchener Essence Quiz

Are you ready to find your distinctive style essence? It’s easy to take the Kitchener Essence Test. The quiz, which is accessible on QuizExpo, comprises a number of inquiries that examine your emotional and physical characteristics. You can determine whether you are Dramatic, Gamine, Natural, Romantic, inventive, Angelic, or Classical by answering truthfully.

Announcing Jennifer Waller

The Kitchener Essence Quiz was created by American journalist Jennifer Waller, who has a wealth of knowledge in the fashion, beauty, and entertainment industries. Teenagers in particular enjoy and learn from her quizzes, which have grown in popularity. Don’t miss Jennifer’s quizzes on QuizExpo if you have an interest in fashion and beauty.

Playing Personality Tests

Playing personality tests is a simple procedure. Simply select the response that most closely identifies you or to which you can connect, then click “Next.” There are no right or incorrect answers on personality tests, unlike trivia questions. You are intended to be pushed towards choosing the answer that makes the most sense to you by the questions. Trust your gut and avoid overthinking your responses for the most accurate results.


It’s an exciting adventure to discover your distinctive style essence. The Kitchener Essence Test offers a thorough evaluation of your face, physique, and personality to identify the archetype that most closely resembles your personality. You can develop a personal style that accurately represents who you are by accepting your Essence and applying it to your wardrobe selections. Discover the secrets of your individual style by taking the Kitchener Essence Quiz right away.

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